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For many years, songwriter Randy Shook was told that he sounded and acted like Bob Dylan onstage, but he never thought about putting a tribute show to perform the songs of Dylan.

 He has spent the majority of his 30yr music career performing in bars, festivals and cafes all over Southern Ontario and the northern USA.

He started to include his favorite Bob Dylan songs into his set lists. Incorporating his Dylan imitation, which was originally done as a parody, eventually evolved into a detailed tribute show, Edge of Dylan (Celebrate the Songs of Bob Dylan)

"After taking a break from music to recuperate from neck surgery, I decided to go in a different direction with my music career... I got involved with a bunch of tribute performers and was encouraged to form a band for the show.."

Edge of Dylan is a detailed production of an actual Bob Dylan style performance with Dylan's quirky onstage behavior, signature vocals and creative music arrangements.

For over a decade, Randy Shook has mesmerized audiences with his ability to emulate Bob Dylan's unique vocal style and stage persona.

"The crowd response to this show has been overwhelming. People tap their feet, close their eyes, sing along , and sometimes get very emotional. Many are diehard Dylan fans that seen several Bob Dylan concerts. I've been told the show is comparable to Dylan concerts from 2006"

Edge of Dylan celebrates the creativity of Bob Dylan's music and songwriting and has consistently attracted diehard Bob Dylan fans to performing arts centres and concert halls in Southern Ontario.